Diamond Grit Band Saw Blades Welded to Length

Innovative blade technology for the most difficult and sensitive of materials

Metallurgically bond diamonds to high specification steel edges

Medium - 50/60 grit
Coarse - 35/40 grit

For applications greater than 1/4” (6.4mm) in cross-section

For applications less than 1/4” (6.4mm) in cross-section

Aircraft and Sheet Stainless Steel, Aircraft Flooring and Interiors, Aluminum Oxide, Carbon, Cast Iron, Composites, Concrete Building Panels, Fiberglass Honeycomb, Glass, Glass Block, Graphite, Industrial Ceramics, Laminates, Nickel Alloys, Nitride case, Induction Hardened, Stone and Minerals, Tires, Wire Reinforced Rubber, Titanium, Tool steel (RC42-65)

Diamond Grit Band Saw Blades - Welded to Length

Diamond Grit Band Saw Blades - Welded to Length
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Enter your measurement in inches below to convert to ft./in./frac. in.

Fraction   Decimal
1/8" = .125"
1/4" = .250"
3/8" = .375"
1/2" = .500"
5/8" = .625"
3/4" = .750"
7/8" = .875"

Significant Improvements
SPC Diamond Band Saw is a significant improvement on traditional toothed or electroplated diamond alternatives and an added value performance upgrade to our successful Tungsten Carbide range of band saw blade

Cuts longer and faster
The blades stay sharper throughout a longer life and can be reversed

Cuts smoother
Minimal vibration and high stability are features of the cutting action

Cuts safer and better
Their snag free action reduces the risks of breakages and allows more aggressive cutting

Cuts cleaner
Minimal waste, and reduces chipping and cut surface damage

Cuts cheaper
Long life, high performance and consistent quality bring a significantly better ROI

Top Applications
SPC Diamond Band Saw is the tool of choice when working with the most difficult and most demanding of materials.
Diamond band saw is the most effective means of sawing composites and hard friable materials such as quartz, glass, fiberglass, friction products, carbon, compacted graphite, abrasive products, and ceramics.
Use continuous edge for material less than 1/4″ thick or for hard material with a tendency to fracture, crack, or chip easily. Gulleted blades work best for cutting larger cross sections.

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Applications and Recommended Band Speeds

Material Problem Speed f/m Coolant Fine Med. Coarse Style
Aircraft and Sheet Stainless Steel Work Hardening 150 – 500 Y X X Continuous
Aircraft Flooring and Interiors Abrasive 1000 – 3000 N X X Gulleted
Aluminum Oxide Abrasive 1000 – 3000 N X Gulleted
Carbon Abrasive 1000 – 4000 N X Gulleted
Cast Iron Hard, Abrasive 150 – 300 N X Gulleted
Composites, Concrete Building Panels Abrasive, Snags, Chips 1000 – 3000 N X X Gulleted
Fiberglass Honeycomb Abrasive 4000 – 6000 N X X Continuous
Glass, Glass Block Hard, Abrasive 500 – 3000 Y X Continuous
Graphite Abrasive 1000 – 4000 N X X Gulleted
Industrial Ceramics Abrasive 1000 – 3000 N X X Gulleted
Laminates Hard, Chips 1500 – 3000 N X X Continuous
Nickel Alloys Work Hardening 120 – 350 Y X X Continuous
Nitride case, Induction Hardened Hardened 150 – 300 Y X X Continuous
Stone and Minerals Abrasive 150 – 600 N X X Gulleted
Tires, Wire Reinforced Rubber Snags 1200 – 3000 Y X Gulleted
Titanium Tough, Hard 150 – 400 Y X Continuous
Tool steel (RC42-65) Hardened 150 – 250 Y X Continuous

Product Range Specifications

Grit Medium
Width Micron 250 – 300
Mesh 60 – 50
Gauge Kerf
3/8″ 0.025 0.053
1/2″ 0.025 0.053
3/4″ 0.032 0.06
1″ 0.035 0.063
1.25″ 0.042 0.07
1.5″ 0.042 0.07
1.64″ 0.05 0.078
2″ 0.05 0.078

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