Bench Grinders

Sharpening tools or general grinding work is made a bit easier and more exact with RIKON’s low speed 1,750 RPM variable speed bench grinders, where other grinders operate at only a high 3,450 RPM! Lower speeds mean that metal being removed can be controlled better, and reduces heat build-up and ‘bluing’ of a cutting edge being sharpened – ruining the hardness and temper of the tool. Bench grinders are available in three horsepower levels, each are wired for use with 3-wire 120V electrical receptacles.

80-800VS 8 inch Variable Speed Bench Grinder
CODE: 80-800VS
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80-805 8 inch Low Speed Bench Grinder
CODE: 80-805
80-808 8 inch Low Speed Bench Grinder
CODE: 80-808