Swinger Plans

Mrs. Frog Swinger
CODE: sc1200
Mr & Mrs. Frog Swingers
CODE: sc1200-s
Honey Bear Swinger
CODE: sc1201
Opposites Attract - Dog & Cat
CODE: sc1202
Opposites Attract - Fox & Rabbit
CODE: sc1203
Raccoon Swinger
CODE: sc1550
Swinging Squirrel
CODE: sc1551
Skunk Swinger
CODE: sc1552
Here Kitty, Kitty!
CODE: sc1594
Lovebirds Swinger
CODE: sc1595
Holiday Folks On Ropes
CODE: sc1633
Amish Swingers
CODE: sc1831
Turtle Swinger
CODE: sc1834
NEW! Old Frog Swingers
CODE: sc1918
Halloween Swingers
CODE: sc717
Cookies For Santa
CODE: sc718
Crafty Witch Crash
CODE: sc748
Teenage Crow Swingers
CODE: sc765
Summer Kids Swingers
CODE: sc767
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