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45-100 10 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter
CODE: 45-100

RIKON Bandsaws
Benchtop Band Saws and Floor Model Band Saws

The versatile Band Saw rips boards and cuts joints like a table saw, cuts curves like a saber or scroll saw, re saws boards like a small mill and sculpts furniture parts in three dimensions. The throat opening, the distance between the blade and the post supporting the upper wheel, determines the saw's size. A 14" Band Saw allows 14" of wood to pass between the blade and the post.

Rikon Drill Presses

Bench Model Drill Presses and Floor Model Drill Presses

Along with accurate hole drilling, a drill press will also do drum sanding, plug cutting and mortising. This versatility makes it a near necessity in a woodworking shop. The size of a drill press is usually measured by it's "throat capacity" the distance between the column and the center of the chuck. A drill press with a 5 inch throat capacity, for example, will drill to the center of a 10 inch wide board and is called a 10 inch Drill Press.