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This collection was put together to give you an edge on getting started making your own home business creating Egg carvings. The Pro System has what you need to carve like a professional. We even include a great book that has proven ways to get going when you have your art ready to sell.

The TURBO Egg Carving Engraving PRO System kit includes:

Complete Turbo Carver Compressor System ~
Includes all you need to "Just PLUG-IN-AND-CARVE" with our revolutionary & adjustable Water Misting System available only with Turbo Carver. This is excellent for help controlling dust when working in eggs, glass, bone, etc. Eliminates most dust, polishes the cut, helps prevent stress fracturing and keeps the bur cooler for longer bur life.
It can also be used without water for wood carving. Wood carvers love the way it blows air directly on the bur to keep wood dust away from the precise carving area being carving.

The Egg Pro System Includes:

  1. A High Quality, 3/4hp 'Plug in and Carve' Air Compressor, Worry Free, Light Weight & Portable- Requires No Oiling, Draining, or Maintenance with Electric Foot Control
  2. Turbo Carver Handpiece with Water Spray function- Air and Water Lines, Filters, Air Gauge & Water Tank
    Instructional DVD-
    * The DVD includes an Egg Carving tutorial. You will learn how how to use different burs to achieve different cuts and effects and how to carve and prepare ostridge and goose eggs.
  3. Bur Cleaning Stick,
  4. A Set of Burs Especially for Egg Carving with Bur Cassette Holder,
  5. Operator's Manual / Bur Catalog,
  6. Mag Eyes Magnifier With 5 Power Loop,
  7. Art Patterns 1 And Art Patterns 2,
  8. Egg Art Patterns 1 And 2,
  9. Instruction Pamphlet,
  10. 1 Carbide - Fissure, Cross Cut Tapered Bur,
  11. 1 Diamond - Large Football, Coarse Bur,
  12. 10 Sheets Of Mylar Transfer Paper,
  13. 10 Sheets Of White Transfer Paper,
  14. Cleaning Brush,
  15. Dust Mask,
  16. 3 Egg Stands
  17. A Resource Book on Home-Business

Instructional DVD ~

The DVD Video Includes:
*Two Egg Carving Tutorials
*Instruction and examples on how to make art patterns on Mylar transfer paper, transfer it to an egg, and carve the egg
*How to use different burs to create relief and outline effects
*Information on how to use your water spray feature
*Tutorial teaches how to carve both a goose egg and an ostridge egg.

BurKit for Eggs ~

Burs are an important aspect of any rotary tool. The bur you use will make the job easier, faster, and better. We offer a great selection of burs to make your Turbo Carver work for you to carve, engrave, or etch just the way you intend. Pictures of each bur as well as descriptive information are shown below to help you choose the best bur for your job.

Burs that are included in our Egg Carving Kit -
Carbide: 1, 4, 8, 699L, 7611, 33.5, 37, 162 Bone Cutter,
Diamond: MM1, MM3, MM3.2, MM4, MM5F, MM58C, MM58F, 023, 863,
Stone: Green Flame - 661-120, White Arkansas Flame - 661-420, 7406, 701-S
Totaling 21 of the highest quality burs.
Includes a convenient high impact bur cassette to keep your burs organized.

Bur Cleaning Stick ~

Soft stick to remove debris and residue from diamond and carbide burs to restore the cutting edges. It makes your diamond or carbide burs last longer and cut better.


3 egg stands to help present your work.

ME ~

MagEyes Plus with a state-of-the-art modern open design, head mounted magnifier used by professionals, crafters, and hobbyists requiring vision enhancement for precision results. THESE ARE GREAT! MagEyes may be worn with or without contacts or prescription glasses for dramatic vision clarity on any fine detail work or hobby. Comes with two powers of lenses and a fold up or down, super close up, 5x lens.



Art work collection-

Hundreds of great patterns, animals, and designs for transferring to give you ideas as a resource for carving and engraving to your projects. Two of the books are presented in an oval shape especially for eggs. The other artwork will give you many more options for designs and patterns.


ArtBook_2 EggArtBook_2

Mylar transfer paper~

10 Mylar transfer sheets to copy your designs and artwork on, then stick to the material and trace the pattern to help you carve.

White transfer paper~

10 white label transfer sheets to copy your designs and artwork on before sticking to your egg. Then, just trace the pattern to help you carve.





Instruction_1 Pamphlet: ~

Take advantage of the Turbo Carver's super detail with our Instruction pamphlet.
Short step-by-step how-to directions on
1. How to do inlays using casting resin, metal powder, & colors
2. How to do relief carving
3. How to do outline carving with the Turbo Carver




With your pro system you'll get what you need to start making money doing what you enjoy with your new Turbo Carver system. With your Turbo Carver the possibilities are endless!

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