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Bur Set for Egg Carving - 21 Highest quality burs especially for working in eggs

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Complete set of 21 burs for carving in EGGS. Idea for working with ostrich, emu, rea, goose, or any egg material.
Sets include burs ideal for outlining, or relief carving on eggs. Also included are sharp
tapered and detailing burs for creating fine details. There are ideal burs for bulk reduction for inlays or backgrounds. Use these burs for our most intricate carvings. Set now includes the 162-Bone Carver.

Burs are an important aspect of any rotary tool. The bur you use will make the job easier, faster, and better. We offer a great selection of burs to make your Turbo Carver work for you to carve, engrave, or etch just the way you intend. Pictures of each bur as well as descriptive information are shown below to help you choose the best bur for your job.

Burs that are included in our Egg Carving Kit

Carbide: 1, 4, 8, 699, 37, 162 Bone Cutter, For detailing- 33.5, 7611
Diamond: MM1, MM3, MM3.2, MM4, MM5F, MM58C, MM58F, 023, 050,
601-420 and 661-120 Stone Flame Burs for polishing and fine sculpting.
Totaling 19 of the highest quality burs.
Includes FREE a convenient high impact bur cassette to keep your burs organized.
*We recommended purchasing our Bur Cleaning Stone for keeping your burs clean and free of debris.

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