Bandsaw Blade Information

Unknown blade length for Two Wheel Bandsaw to Calculate unknown Bandsaw Blade Length go HERE

If you have a blade that fits, measure it following the instructions below.
With the blade off the machine, mark the inside of the blade with a thin marker making a line from the back of the blade to the front (start mark)
Place the blade on the floor upright like a tire, placing the start mark on the floor.
Mark the floor at the start mark. Carefully roll the blade along the floor until the start mark gets to the floor again. When the mark gets to the floor, make another mark on the floor (finish mark)
With a metal tape measure, measure from the start mart to the finish mark and record the measurement.
This is the length to use for ordering your blades.

Look for your bandsaw blade known length in our data base HERE or check our list of Common Sizes HERE

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Our Lenox Saw Service Center welds are Factory Certified. Every blade matches factory quality standards. Lenox Service Center personnel are factory trained to ensure welds consistently measure up to the following standards:
  • Perfectly matched teeth.
  • Finished weld area.
  • Uniform blade thickness.
  • Long production life.
Factory Certified Welds
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